Surin Islands Tours

Surin Islands Tours - The Surin Islands is an archipelago of five islands in the Andaman Sea, 60 km from the Thai mainland. The Surin Islands rate as one of the top snorkeling locations in Thailand & host a phenomenal range of flora and fauna on the land and in the sea. Beginner snorkelers have extensive snorkeling opportunities and specific off shore sites scattered around the Surin islands offer more challenging snorkeling opportunities to view larger animals such as sharks & rays

Surin Island Tours

Encompassing some of the least trodden ways, Surin Island Tours is a great spot to snorkel with considerably shallow reefs. Rated as one of the prime locations in Thailand, Koh Surin National Marine Park is an archipelago of the two main islands and three satellite islands covering an area of 320 km². Get a glimpse of unusual marine life, i.e., whale sharks, fascinating manta rays, eagle rays, juvenile sharks, indulge in sublime scuba diving, etc. or settle with Jaw-dropping beauty of the Island. Surin Island is blessed with fertile tropical forests, striking bays where tourists can enjoy all from forest trekking to scuba diving.
To take a tour to Surin Island, one can hop on a speed boat for solo, couple, or group outing. Snorkeling, swimming, and sightseeing are the popular fun sports that tourists can indulge in. Explore flora and fauna, coral reefs, variety of attractive fishes to witness the natural brilliance. Occupying 90% of the landmass, reefs, and beaches, it is the best place to explore.