Cancellation Policy

We do not charge for a booking that has not been confirmed. You will be charged once the booking confirmed. However, if you wish to cancel your reservation once you have done the payment. Kindly find details below:

  • 1 Cancellations more than 7 days of the trip, no charge (less transfer fees)
  • 2 Cancellations within 7 days of the trip, 50% of the total cost will be charged
  • 3 Cancellations within 2 days (48 hours) of the trip, 100% of the total cost will be charged
  • 4 In the case of sickness we will try to move you to an alternative date, but the cancellation policy still stands
  • 5 If we cancel the trips due to bad weather then you will not be charged. If a deposit has been taken, the money will be refunded
  • 6 To cancel your booking simply email us on or call us on (from overseas) +66 619083751 and for local call 0619083751
  • 7 How can i contact you?
    You can contact us via email, on phone at +66 619083751 & whatsapp on +918588033524 for 24 hour service