Phuket Adventure Tours

Phuket Adventure Tours / Outdoor Tours - White Water Rafting over a 5km strech of rapids, an ATV Jungle Safari and/or Elephant Trekking, followed by the exciting Flying Fox Zip Line.

Phuket Adventure Tours / Outdoor Tours - Hanuman workd Tree Top Experience 3 hours. 30 Platforms 16 Zip lines, 3 abseil point , 3 sky bridges, 2 spiral staircase, 1 honeymoon sky walk

Phuket Adventure Tours / Outdoor Tours - Flying Hanuman treetop experience 3 - 4 hours. 28 platforms, 2 abseil points, 2 sky bridges, 3 spiral staircases, 1 sky rail and 20 minutes wilderness walk.

Phuket Adventure Tours / Outdoor Tours - Phang Nga ATV Tours starts by riding on off-road trails amongst the great environment of local farms, plantations and jungles.

Phuket Adventure Tours / Outdoor Tours - ATV X-Treme Safari Tour, ATV Safari Big Buddha, ATV 450cc & UTV 650cc.

Phuket Outdoor Tours, Rafting, ATV Tours, Zipline Tours

For those seeking the thrill of adventure, Phuket offers a variety of exhilarating Outdoor Adventure Tours which include White Water Rafting, ATV Tours in Phang Nga and Phuket, Zipline Adventures, like the Hanuman World, Flying Hanuman and Flying Fox Zipline. These outdoor adventure tours are sure to get your adrenaline racing and give you an exhilarating experience you will not easily forget.

Apart from these other popular outdoor tours in Phuket include Elephant Trekking, Elephant Showers, Fishing in the Andaman Seas and Deep Sea Scuba diving.

The Hanuman World & Flying Hanuman is a zipline eco-adventure tour like no other in Phuket. The hillsides of Phuket overflow with thick forest which are great for exploration & outdoor activities and with multiple Platforms (Ziplines, sky bridges, Abesil Points, spiral stairways, skyrail and wilderness walks) these Zipline Adventures are sure to give you an unforgettable experience.

White Water Rafting over a 5km stretch of rapids (you can even opt for longer distances), an ATV Safari in Phuket or Phang Nga and the Flying Fox Zipline coupled with Elephant Trekking are a great mix for Outdoor Adventure Tour.