Similan Islands Tours

Similan Islands Tours - Similan Islands National Park is a group of 9 islands off the west coast of the city Phang Nga in the Andaman sea. The name ‘Similan’ comes from the Malay word ‘sembilan’, which means nine. This National Park is an invaluable site of national heritage. The Koh Similan National Park is free from crass commercialism, is unspoiled and one of the best snorkeling and dive sites in the world.

Similan Island Tours

An archipelago of 9 islands, Similan Island is a beauty to see with all its natural grandeur and perfection. Nature is not just a part of Similan island, it’s the essence and those who want to escape the swarm to get one with nature can get on Similan Island Tours. Speedboats being the only option to commute take the visitors throughout the island and to neighboring islands. Additionally, the tourist can dive into pristine waters to swim or snorkel. Whether you want to go with comprehensive day and night Similan Island tours or just a one day tour, we can help you out with all of it.

Similan Islands National Marine Park would let you get acquainted with the coral reefs and white sandy beaches of Similan to explore its overwhelming sights. Similan is beautiful both onshore and offshore; when in waters you will witness plenty of shallows reefs in the bottom with boulders scattered on the shores along with barrel sponges and coral. The Subterranean landscape of these islands allows the proliferation of abundance of marine life to present it as a major attraction for the visitors embarked on Similan island tours.

Unspoiled from human interference, The Koh Similan National Park boasts with its natural charm and offers the best snorkeling and diving sites in the world. As an epitome of national heritage, this National Park holds invaluable worth. Need not to mention, Similan Islands, Koh Tashai, and Koh Bon are some for the most sought after diving sites in the world and are known for endless vibrancy and variation.

Our Similan island tours are curated for all kinds of travelers to make it adjustable for them as per their routine and duration of stay. Our guides will take you to the best of Similan to experience the best and rarest for a wonderful stay. All this is just for you, what are you waiting for? Get a glimpse of the best of Similan Island by picking our Similan island tour packages to frame memories worth sharing. Waiting for you to come...