Phuket Safari Tours

Phuket Safari Tours - Khao Lak is a 20 km long strip of coastal resorts in Phang Nga Province on the Andaman Sea beaches of Southern Thailand, about 100 km north of Phuket Town. Enjoy being surrounded by Natural Beauty in the Full Day Khao lak Safari Tour. Indulge in Elephant Trekking or ATV, enjoy elephant shower, go bamboo rafting with experienced guides and more.

Phuket Safari Tours - On the Khao Sok Safari Tour you can enjoy a variety of exciting activities in the lap of nature: Elephant Trekking into the tropical rainforest is a fun and exciting experience. The one hour trek will take you deep into the jungle amid the beautiful mountain scenery, passing a rubber forest, crossing a shallow river, to a majestic waterfall. .

Phuket Safari Tours - Kayaking - Elephant Shower - Elephant & Monkey Show - Thai Boxing - Fish Spa - Fruit Buffet

Phuket Safari Tours - Elephant Trekking 30 Mins, Elephant Shower, ES, MS, Thai Rice Farming, OX Cart Riding, Buffalo Photo, Rubber Trapping, Fruits Buffet"

Phuket Safari Tours - Elephant Shower, Elephant Trekking 30 Mins, Elephant Show, Monkey Show, Thai Rice farming, OX Cart Riding, Buffalo photo, Rubber tapping, Fish Spa, Thai Boxing, Thai Cooking, Kayaking, Lunch.

Phuket Safari Tours

Khao Lak Safari Tour
If you are looking to experience a real tropical Phuket safari tours then the Khao Lak Safari or the Khao Sok Chiao Lan Lake Safari are the Tours which you must experience. Located in Phang Nga province, about 2 hours from Phuket island the Khao Lak offers wonderful natural attractions and a variety of exciting outdoor activities.

The Khao Lak safari Tour is a mix of adventure and relaxation, virgin forests, beautiful beaches, adventurous outdoor activities such as elephant trekking into a lush jungle, bamboo rafting along the serene Sok river with a verdant backdrop and rainforest trekking are some of things you will experience on this safari tour, apart from which you will also be visiting places like the Pineapple Farm, Monkey Cave, Waterfall, Tsunami Museum, Turtle Farm and Fruit Market.

Unlike whitewater rafting, bamboo rafting gives you a more relaxed and quiet ride along the river. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the luxuriant tropical rainforest and the river. The water is clear and cool and you may want to jump into the water to swim. Riding on the elephant swaying through the tropical forest is also an unforgettable experience. The Khao Lak Safari Tour is definitely a must for nature lovers if you are in Phuket.

Khao Sok Chiao Lan Lake Safari Tour

The Khao Sok Chio Lan Lake is a natural wonderland, with towering limestone cliffs, jungle scenery and caves, it would take atleast a few days to explore the complete beauty of this National Park however it is possible to experience the lakes highlights with a variety of Safari Tours on offer. For the Khao Sok Chiao Lan Lake Safari you can either take a Day Tour or book a 2 Nights 3 Days Tour

On this safari tour you can explore Lake Khao Sok or Gui Lin of Thailand on a long-tail boat, stay overnight on a raft house surrounded by the emerald green water and the majestic limestone mountains. You can indulge in activities such as swimming, canoeing, fishing in the lake. Popular overnight activities include taking long-tail boat trips to observe wild animals at night and the scenery in the early morning.

The Khao Sok Chiao Lan Lake Safari Tour is one of the most spectacular safari Tours to experience while in Phuket, so don’t give this one a miss during your Tour of Phuket.