Island Tours from Phuket (Boat Tours, Speedboat Tours, Catamaran Tours, Cruise Tours)

We bring to you the best Island Tours from and around Phuket. The Island Tours we offer have the best itineraries allowing you to explore the best locations and the best on tour services allowing for a great experience. The Phuket Island Tours we offer are value for money, and allow for a complete and fulfilling experience.

The various Island Tours we offer cover all major Islands around Phuket. We have the best Speedboat Tours, Big Boat Tours and Catamaran Tours to Phi Phi Islands, Phang Nga Bay/James Bond Island, Koh Rok Island, Similan & Surin Islands, Maiton Island, Koh Yao Noi Island, Hong Island , Khai Islands, Raya / Racha Yai Island and the Coral Island.

One of the most popular destinations from Phuket are the Phi Phi Islands, we offer a variety of speedboat, catamaran & big boat cruise tours to the Phi Phi Islands. We have the best Sunrise & Sunset Speed Boat Tours which take you to and around Phi Phi Islands, we also have a budget day tour to Phi Phi via speedboat, for those looking at a good program but with a lower cost, this speedboat tour also covers the Khai Nui & Khai Nok Islands apart from Phi Phi Don. Those looking for a more premium experience can book the Sawasdee Phi Phi Island Luxury Catamaran Cruise Tour. Indulge yourself at this tropical paradise with sightseeing, swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear waters, relaxing on white sandy beaches coupled with a thrilling speed boat ride on the best Phi Phi Island Tours.

Likewise for Phang Nga Bay & James Bond Island Tours from Phuket we have the best Sunrise & Sunset Tours by Speedboat, Catamaran and Big Boat which also include canoeing activity exploring the underwater caves on sea canoes. Explore Hong Island, Ice Cream cave, Panak Island, Gypsy Village, James Bond Island and more.

We also have the best available Similan and Suirn Islands Speed Boat Tours from Phuket, great itinerary, great service, which would allow you for the best and most complete experience of these pristine Islands. For Surin Islands you can even book overnight trips, 2 Days 1 Night & 3 Days 2 Nights, with overnight stay at the Surin Islands. The Similan Islands are heaven for island-hoppers and scuba divers, these nine islands are about 30 km off the coast of Khaolak, surrounded by amazingly clear blue seas and pristine white-sand beaches they are ranked among the best dive sites in the world for their lively and colourful coral reefs and perfect visibility.

The Maithon Island Speedboat Tour allows for an opportunity to watch the majestic Dolphins in their natural Habitat. The Khao Rok Island Speedboat Tour is another great program, the khao Rok Island is an untouched tropical treasure, a must for those seeking a pristine untouched tropical environment with its white sandy beaches and amazing marine life.

If you are interested in water sports then take the Coral Island Speedboat Tour where you can indulge in Parasailing, Sea Walking, Diving and even Drive a Speed Boat. The Racha Yai / Raya Island Tour is another great program for snorkeling. The Khai Island Speedboat Tours are another great program options to experience lovely white beaches & shallow waters, its great place to go with the kids for snorkeling and swimming.

Please be assured that we only offer the best Island Tours from Phuket, which we know will provide you with the best experience and what’s more we assure you of the most competitive pricing on any of the Phuket Island Tours you Book with us.